Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stupid Product: Buck the Singing Deer Head

Do you remember the movie "Bambi?"  Of course you do.  Remember how the forest animals pranced around while choirs sang and then Bambi's mother was shot and all your childhood dreams died?  Today's Stupid Product is like the dreams of millions of children dying a horrible, horrible death only the music makes things worse.

Buck the Singing Deer Head comes to us from Brands on Sale, the same folks implicated in my review of their sexy Halloween costumes for kids.  Oh, Brands on Sale.  Must you?

A quick and nauseating perusal of youtube tells me more people than I ever want to think about have bought this product.  People hurt me.

Here's a video from an outfit called I want one of They sell "stuff you don't need...but you really, really want." I'd like that website to know that I really, really don't want Buck. No, really.

The makers of Buck the Singing Deer say he's been constructed meticulously to look as lifelike as possible.  You case the the thought of a dead animal's head on your wall doesn't freak you out enough.  They've included a handy motion sensor so unsuspecting guests can scream and wet their pants when Buck starts talking to them.  I know I never like to leave a party dry.  How 'bout you?

With a $399.99 price tag, Buck the Singing Deer is the most expensive Stupid Product I've reviewed yet.  It seems a little counterintuitive to make something that appeals mainly to a poor, redneck crowd and price it for the more urbane, don't you think?  Never you fear.  I saw youtube videos of this thing on the shelf at Wal Mart for a mere $79.99. 

Bust out the moon pies, honey, we got ourselves a singing deer!