Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The hubster and I stayed up way too late last night watching clips from classic episodes of Sesame Street.  Today, there's nothing else I could imagine sharing with my readers.

The following clip is from a time when Sesame Street was pure and wonderful. A time before a certain screechy voiced, red (alleged) Muppet took over the show completely and rendered it almost totally unwatchable.  A time before my beloved Cookie Monster had his name changed by politically correct crazy people.  We will not speak any more of that.

Cookie is alive and well (and hungry!) in this clip, and my favorite Muppet, Grover, is along to bring a smile to my face and tear to my eye.  Enjoy!

(Mother Load reader Tami C. pointed out to me that the rumors I had heard about Cookie Monster's name change are false. RELIEF!  Here's a link to the Cookie Monster story on Snopes.  I would like to point out that while the people at Snopes say Sesame Street fans should know that "it would not make sense for Sesame Street to replace a beloved and extremely marketable character," it is my contention that Sesame Street has done just that by relegating Grover to mere seconds of screen time per show and allowing the Red Menace to dominate each episode.)


Ariane said...

I was just blog hoppin and I saw this and HAD to watch it! I love the Muppets, more than life sometimes. Thanks for the laugh!

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Sometimes I think you and I are the same person. I despise Elmo, love cookie-guzzling Cookie Monster, and Grover is my favorite Sesame Street character ever. I can't even watch the show post-red puppet.