Thursday, March 25, 2010

Awesome Product: Wilton Chocolate Pro Melting Pot

Before you begin reading this product review, you should know that I plan to shamelessly beg for the product in question throughout this post.  I don't say this to apologize for my behavior (note the word "shamelessly" above) but to prepare your minds for truth your hearts already know: that you want to buy me this product.

The Wilton Chocolate Pro Melting Pot is a product I know well, not because I've ever owned one, but because I've given two away as gifts.  The people who've received this product as a gift from me have said things like, "This is PERFECT!"  "It's great for the whole family! We had so much fun using it! We've already used it twice!"  "I'm so glad you got this for us, because it's something I would never buy for myself, but would always want."  "Sarah, you're the most awesome gift giver ever and people who read your blog should buy this same gift for YOU!"

(That last statement was inferred, of course.  Still...)

Whatever the people at Wilton are paying for marketing, I can guarantee you it's too much.  This is the epitome of the product that sells itself.  If they felt the need to spend something on advertizing, all the ad would really have to say is, "It melts chocolate so you can dip stuff in it.  Ta-daaaaaaaaaa!" 

So, I think someone on here has been longing to give me a gift and has been wondering what to get me.  You know I already have two Perfect Brownie Pans, the result of the review I wrote about them, and you've likely been worrying yourself sick over what could ever compare.  Worry no more!  The only thing I like just as much as baked chocolate is melted chocolate!

In case you need to justify the expense to your significant other, I submit for your approval "Reasons I deserve a Wilton Chocolate Pro Melting Pot."

Reason #1.  I've made my bed every day for the last two weeks. (True story!)


Reason #2:  I have cute cats. (Yes, there are two in this picture.)


Reason #3: I love "Moonstruck."  (People who love "Moonstruck" know why this is a very important qualifier.  Ma, I love it awful.)


Reason #4: Because I only drank one.  (Sorry, Michelle...)


I can't wait to start melting chocolate!  Thanks, guys!