Sunday, February 28, 2010

I learned about today's Awesome Product, the War on Debt Home Study Program, at the Dani Johnson seminar Richard and I attended back in January.  Dani introduced her philosophy on debt and her program for eliminating it during day 2 of the training.  She then referred the attendees to the back of the room if any of us wanted to buy the home study course and become "soldiers" in her army.

I turned to Richard and said, "We have to buy that."  He nodded emphatically and off we went to war.  Just over a month later, I am here to say that the money we spent on this program is, hands down, the best investment we've made in... I struggle to find the right number to express what I'm feeling.  Purchasing this product is probably the best financial decision I've ever made.

(Tell us how you really feel, Sarah.)

I've learned methods for paying off debt in the past.  Some of what Dani has to say is similar to those methods.  However, I've also learned those methods and then looked at my budget and thought, "I just don't  have any extra money.  We already live frugally.  There's nowhere we can cut corners."

I'm here to say that those thoughts were big, FAT lies.  I emphasize the word fat because that is where the War on Debt program differs from other debt reduction methods.  Dani teaches her readers how to find the "fat" in their budgets and use it to blast away debt, then she sets a fire under her newly trained soldiers until they become the debt defying heroes of their own stories.

Dani lights that fire with stories from her own life and with the amazing successes of people who have used her program.  At the First Steps Seminar, I watched in awe as well over 30 people stepped forward to be recognized on stage for the debt they had paid off since using the War on Debt program.  One after another, they gave progress updates that sounded unreal.  "I'm ____. I found $300 of fat in my budget, and I've paid off $30,000 in debt in the past 10 months."  It was unreal until I started applying the principals.

Since attending the seminar, we've eliminated over $200 of fat from our monthly budget and started applying it to debt.  We felt the fire underneath us and paid off a $1500 bill we've been meaning to pay off for months.  This month, we'll pay off the first of our credit cards and start applying that payment to the next.  We should be free from credit card debt by the end of the year and we'll have made significant progress on our medical debt by then. I plan to start paying off my student loans BEFORE I FINISH SCHOOL.

If you're struggling with debt, or if you don't realize you're struggling with debt, you need to get out from under it.  I am here to say that this product will help you.  When I'm feeling tempted to buy something stupid or wasteful, I pop in one of the cds and let Dani Johnson remind me of my goals.  Then I take the money I would have spent and put it toward a debt instead.

And then I smile. BIG!


Jinnia said...

This is awesome, thanks for sharing this! Congrats on applying those principles from War on Debt!

Anonymous said...

Kewl, sounds promising. Thank you for sharing will try it out! Was looking for a good program to get thos bills into shape and get rid of that debt!

Anonymous said...

How did it go? Are you debt free now? I am thinking about purchasing this product, but I'm not sure.