Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Perfect Brownie Pan Giveaway is OFFICIAL!

Susan Keller of St. George, UT, long-time reader of The Mother Load column in the St. George Spectrum & Daily News, has won the Perfect Brownie Pan!  According to the spiffy spreadsheet Richard and I made, she referred 16 fans for a probability of 6.6%.  I mention those numbers because Richard is very proud of them.  All I'm really thinking about is when I can visit Susan and she can make me brownies.

We currently stand at 429 fans.  For those of you with working brains (and you can't be a fan of my blog without one), this means that we didn't quite make it to the 500 mark in time for my hair to turn blue.  I'm compromising and buying some blue-black hair dye today.  Goodbye, grays!  Hello, Superman hair!  WOOHOO!

Even though I didn't make the goal, I'm extremely impressed with the fabulous growth of the blog in such a short amount of time.  I'm considering what I want to do for the 1000 fan Leah Clutch giveaway, and I think I might add some smaller ones in between (Old Spice Body Wash, anyone?).  I'll keep you posted as things progress.

Incredible thank yous to everyone who helped The Mother Load grow by referring fans.  Remember, the fans you've already referred still count in future giveaways, so if you're a fan leader, you still have a great chance to win cool stuff.  So far, Michelle Ennis has referred the most fans.  She also has a thing for my Stupid Products, so I think if she wins a future giveaway, I'll just send her some Handerpants.

Thank you again, everyone!  And congratulations to Susan!


Jenn said...

I left your blog open, and scrolled to this post, when I heard the sound of crashing, shattering glass and made a mad dash down the hall to see what my kids had done. When I came back, Hyrum was in my chair, staring intently at the screen, and saying to Quinlynn, "Come look at this scary guy. Mom's looking at something very creepy!"

Jenn said...

Aaaaaaaaand... I think I commented on the wrong one, LOL. The creepy was re: the pic of Richard peeking through his hand-binoculars.