Thursday, February 18, 2010

Couch to 5K: Day 26

My life, it is a-changing, one run at a time.

I really mean life.  My legs are changing. My gait is changing.  My body is changing...kinda.  But the biggest changes are in my life.  And it's all because I'm running.

It's really interesting to see how each running step has begun to shape a new path for me.  It all started at the Dani Johnson seminar in Denver.  I came home from that event with great plans for my blog, many of which I have implemented to great success.  One of those plans was Team Mother Load, a project to mobilize my fans into doing something good for the world.

So, I called Michelle at Phazes Fitness about setting up some remote personal training.  She told me to stop drinking soda, and I obeyed.  Within two weeks, it was painfully evident that the breakneck pace of my life depended entirely on the amount of caffeine I was consuming daily.  Without the caffeine, my body said, "No more.  Slow down.  Rest.  Let something go."

So, it was time to decide.  Do I slow down or take a break from school?  Do I give up the blogs?  Do I quit my job and find something less stressful.  The answer was fast and undeniable.  School is my future.  The blogs are my future.  The job has to go.

I put in my notice Monday and had an interview for something with fewer hours and less stress today.  I won't know anything about this new possibility until next week.  Meanwhile, I'm continuing to hunt, just in case, and I'm not considering anything that will take me away from my family as much as my current job has.

Can we afford it?  Maybe not.  Can I afford to keep breaking my neck doing too much? Definitely not.  We'll make it work.  I know we will.

Isn't it amazing what running can do?