Friday, January 22, 2010

Do I have your attention now?

As I told you earlier, I went to Denver last weekend.  Let me rephrase.  I flew to Denver last weekend.  Those who have been my fans for awhile know how much I hate flying. 

So why in the world, if I hate flying as much as I do, would I willingly get on a giant tin can and hurtle through the air at ridiculous speeds?  Well, I went to Denver for something I used to hate almost as much as I hate flying!  I went to Denver for a seminar.

Seminar is italicized because that is how I used to feel about the word.  The italics denote an eyeroll, a sigh, and a firm set of the mouth.  Seminars were events that sucked away my money and time and left me with nothing more than a few trite phrases I could write on post-it notes and attach to my fridge.  Seminars  involved listening to someone with much more money than I had tell me I could make much more money than I was making, if only I believed.  No work required.  No skill required.  "If you can dream it, you can do it! Thanks for the cash!"

When I was invited to attend this seminar, I went quickly into defense mode, because I remembered well the last time I was invited to attend something similar back in 2007. I was a poor single mom with five kids and no sitter and about 900 other things to do that night. I sent a text to that effect to the person who had invited me and received the following response: “If you’re serious about change, you’ll find a way to be there.”

I wasn’t going to let anyone tell ME I wasn’t serious about change! You want to see serious about change? I’LL show YOU serious about change.

I spent the next 30 minutes on the phone with every friend I could think of, frantically copying down lists of their favorite sitters and calling every single one. I found one and deposited her and the kids at my home with minutes to spare before I needed to leave the house. I stepped out onto the front porch feeling accomplished and ready to take on whatever change my seriousness had earned me.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. “Never mind coming. This session is full. Catch you next week.”

You want to serious about anger? I’LL show YOU serious about anger.  I decided that evening that I would never, ever, but never even consider attending another seminar again.

So, the question remains.  Why would I, Sarah Clark, lover of all things earthbound, hater of all things airborne (except birds...we can keep the birds), get on a plane to fly to a seminar?

You know, I don't really even know.  It wasn't an easy decision.  I was like the kid who fell off a horse, got stomped on a few times, and then covered in a steaming pile of horsey goodness and was then being asked to not only get back on the horse, but give it a gracious kiss.  I don't know what possessed me to say to my husband, "Yeah.  Let's do that."

And you know?  It doesn't matter.  I jumped up onto the seminar saddle and found I wasn't at a seminar at all.  I had my moments of panic, thinking this would be the same as all the rest.  When you walk into a conference center full of nicely dressed people and see them start screaming and jumping up and down after an earsplitting dose of, "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLE!" If you're a seminar hater, it will take everything you've got to not run from the room.

Fortunately for me, I stayed put.  I stayed put and learned and wrote and learned and wrote and learned and wrote for two days of the most amazing education I have ever receieved.  The Seminar: First Steps to Success.  The teacher: Dani Johnson. 

People, I have been to events in which so-called millionaires taught me that success=excess.  I have been to events in which poor dreamers taught me if I believed hard enough, wealth would appear out of thin air.  Dani Johnson taught me that if I followed a proven plan of action, with FAITH, WORK, SKILLS, and WISDOM about money, I could succeed.

The results?  I have ten pages of furiously scribbled notes from the First Steps to Success seminar.  I flew home Sunday night and started implementing what is on those pages.  On Monday and Tuesday, I doubled my blog traffic.  By Wednesday, I had quadrupled it.  This didn't come from false belief in unsound, New Age concepts.  This came from a step by step training in how to get the job done.

Dani Johnson has given me nothing for these words but the training she agreed to give me when I registered for her seminar.  I will not benefit in any way if you decide to go to her next event.  If you're a blogger, you'll likely become my competition.  I don't care about that.  What I care about is getting the word out that this seminar is fantastic.  If you are a Realtor, a blogger, a business owner, an entrepreneur, an employee, a community activist, a parent, or just a person who wants to improve his/her life, you can benefit from the training you'll get at a Dani Johnson event.

I haven't even scratched the surface of what Dani Johnson has to offer.  I haven't mentioned the stage full of people who have paid off tens of thousands of dollars in debt in the last 12-18 months using Dani's War on Debt Program, something we brought home with us and will begin using this week.  I haven't mentioned the Building a Dynasty program for which we are now registered. If you want to know more, and you do, go to and take the first steps I did.

You can even sit next to me on the plane...if you don't mind histrionics and incontinence.