Monday, January 18, 2010

Outrageous News: Obama Tweets, People Swoon

Happy Martin Luther King Day. I can't help but wonder what he would say if he were alive to see an African American president in the White House. I'm sure he'd feel like his dream had finally come to pass.

That makes today's Outrageous News story all the more outrageous. Today of all days, someone decided to write up a story about how Obama has made presidential history AGAIN! He...wait for it...pushed...(it's so exciting!)...a button.

Mr. King, your dream has come true. Congratulations. We have a black man in the oval office, and we're celebrating his...button pushing skills. Now, that's progress.

The news story, in all its silliness, is here.  According to the site, the president and first lady arrived at a Red Cross operation center to check out the progress of the disaster relief for Haiti.  Some star-struck individual there typed up a tweet to that effect and then asked President Obama to push the button that sent the tweet out into cyberspace.  Since this was the president's first ever personally published tweet (and I must say, they're really stretching the definition there), we're all supposed to be excited that he made history yet again.

As if that weren't enough, now there are people up in arms about the fact that the Twitter friend they believed to be Obama himself during his campaign wasn't actually him at all.  If this was his first tweet ever (in the history of all presidents!), then all those campaign tweets came from some Obama staffer digitally posing as the future pres.  It's an OUTRAGE!  He LIED!  They thought he was their FRIEND!

Holy moly, I think this might be the silliest piece of news I've posted yet.  With Haiti in desperate need of support, the health care reform bill in the works, and the global economy limping and sputtering along its path, America's first black president "makes history" on Martin Luther King day with a button push.  Hallelujah.  Mr. King, I just don't know what to say.  Except...

Tweet at last! Tweet at last! Thank God, Almighty, he can tweet at last!


Stoney said...

you are hilarious. Silly indeed!