Monday, January 18, 2010

The New and the Exciting

Sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it?

As you saw in this post, I attended a seminar this weekend with the hubster, learned a ton, and came up with some great ideas on how to enhance and improve what I do here. I'm crazy excited (emphasis on the crazy, or course) to share with you some of the changes I'll be making to The Mother Load in coming weeks.

First, the Awesome Products feature will be going from monthly to weekly. I've had so many submissions for Awesome Products that they're stacking up, and once a month only comes around once a month. As much as everyone enjoys laughing at the Stupid Products, it seems like my readers enjoy learning about the awesome ones even more. I'm still working out the day Awesome Products will run, but I've got a pretty amazing product for my first weekly feature.

Stupid Products will keep its Wednesday slot, so keep those submissions coming. Outrageous News can stay or go. I don't feel strongly either way. If you love the feature or hate it, let me know. I think for me, it's sometimes hard to slog through all the petty "news" stories to find the one I'd like to feature. However, when I do find that one, I have a lot of fun writing it.

Beginning this Sunday, I'll be hosting a weekly blog carnival in which I'll feature the writing of other bloggers.  My aim here is to help fellow bloggers find success as I seek for it myself. If you're a blogger and would like my readers to read your work, submit your best post to The Mother Load Carnival of Writers by Saturday, 9:00 AM EDT each week. This carnival is open to all writers, both aspiring and professional, so send in those submissions and increase your site traffic!

Along the same lines, I'll be posting a new monthly feature in which I will profile a blogger I think people should be following.  I'll likely find many of these bloggers in my carnival submissions, but if you know of a blogger that should be highlighted, send a link to

I have another idea in the works that's still so deep in the early stages that I'm not sure how much I want to say.  It involves Race for the Cure, and I'm nearly bursting with hope and excitement over it.  I'll post more as I get more figured out.

Thanks so much for your continued support and commitment to The Mother Load.  I respect and admire all of you and am excited to keep writing more of what you like to read.  Keep sending in those submissions and inviting new fans.  Here's to a bigger, better Mother Load blog!


Millionaira said...

i eagerly await in anticipation!!! :D