Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awesome Product: Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl

I found this week's Awesome Product at the end of my first Couch to 5K run and took it as a sign from God that I was doing a good thing and should continue. This was fortuitous, since a moment or two before had found me with a string of words I try not to say aloud running through my exhausted head.

I was heading over to a drinking fountain for a much needed moment of hydration when I saw this woman and her three well behaved, canine friends.


As I approached the fountain, I wondered how people get water for their dogs from a fountain like this.  Being a cat person by nature, I'd never thought of it.  I soon found my answer when I watched the woman, whose name I completely forgot to ask and whom I will refer to as Nice Woman with Dogs Who Didn't Run Away From the Crazy Blogger (NWDWDRAFCB), dump water out of this:


The Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl is a water dish for dogs made of fabric, a design which allows it to be folded up and stored pretty much anywhere.  As you can see from the first picture, NWDWDRAFCB was out for a leisurely stroll with just a medium sized bag to carry what she needed.  Once the Port-a-Bowl had served its purpose, it went into that bag and she and the dogs were on their way.

There's a lot to love about this product.  First, there's the brand name.  I love all things punny, so "Outward Hound" has my stamp of approval from the get-go.  Along the same lines is the store where NWDWDRAFCB puchased the dish, The Dog's Meow.  Its name is too cute for words, so it's okay by me.

The whole concept of a portable, foldable water dish is, in my opinion, the work of a genius of practicality.  It really can be taken anywhere you take your dog.  It's something I'd like to think I would have thought of had I been a dog owner.  If my cats didn't mind leashes and walks, I'd buy one for them.  (I might buy one anyway and place it next to the toilet in my bathroom to discourage their usual drinking habits.)

Finally, I love the price.  I was willing to endorse this product up to $30 simply because I think it's awesome.  When I checked out the site and saw it was available for under $5, I was ready to buy one for every dog owner in my life.  I keep going back to the page to see if I'm mistaken.  Nope...$2.94.  Seriously,  if you're a dog owner, you need to buy this bowl.  Now.

(Thanks to NWDWDRAFCB for allowing me to accost you at the park and take your picture.  If you did, indeed, google the blog and are reading this now, shoot me an email so I can get your name.)


Mindy said...

Wow! that IS an awesome product!