Thursday, January 28, 2010

Couch to 5K: Day 6

A conversation between body parts, January 28, 2010.

Ankles: Ouch!  This hurts!  What is up?  Hey abs!  I thought we realized last time that if you guys tighten up, we ankles don't hurt so much.  What gives?
Abs: Sorry, ankles.  No can do today.  Stomach's still reeling from that late night trip to Denny's with Richard last night.
Stomach: Blaaaaarg.
Ankles: DENNY'S?!  She's training for a 5K and she goes to DENNY'S?!  What did she eat?
Stomach: Buuuuuuuhhhh hot wings and zesty nachos.
Ankles: Stomach! What were you thinking?
Stomach: Gaaaaah, don't blame me.  Mouth was more involved than I was.
Ankles: Mouth!  Explain yourself!
Mouth:  Oh, it was good. It was so very, very good.
Ankles: It figures.

Sarah: So today I learned that I should not eat a plateful of junk the night before a running day.
Ankles: That was TWO plates full, and you shouldn't eat it any day.  Are you trying to kill us?

Sarah: So today I learned that I should not eat junk.
Ankles: Yeah, and if you don't stop, so help us, we'll quit on you.  We MEAN it!
Sarah: No more junk as long as I'm training.  I promise.
Ankles: Not good enough.
Mouth: Give her a break.  Everyone needs to splurge every now and then...or every day...several times a day.
Ankles: Mouth, stay out of this.  You got us in this mess in the first place.
Sarah: How 'bout no more junk except for on special occasions not to exceed twice a month?
Ankles: It's not great, but it's probably more than you can handle anyway.  We'll take it.
Sarah:  Thanks.  Really, I'll do it.
Ankles: Yeah, yeah. 
Sarah: I love you.
Ankles: Don't push your luck.