Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ever since he got his current phone, my husband has developed the habit of watching youtube videos late at night when he should be sleeping. For awhile, he was addicted to Autotune the News. After that, it was Failblog.

I get home from work at close to midnight and often find him completely under the covers (because he had thought about going to sleep and then decided to watch "just one more video") in various states of laughter, from chuckle to guffaw. I'm then treated to a viewing of whatever he just watched. This continues until I pummel him with my pillow and remind him I need to BLOG ALREADY!

Two nights ago, no amount of pummeling, begging, or ignoring could stop his giggly outbursts and his frequent and excited cries of, "Watch this!" What was so amazing that it had to interrupt my work?  What was so funny I had to watch it right that very minute?

A math show.  He interrupted my blogging to show me a math show he used to watch when he was younger and just as math crazy as he is now.

I know what you're thinking.  How does this couple stay together?  How do two people so mathematically incompatible make it work?  Here's what I try to remember.

I love Richard.
Richard loves me.
I hate math.
Richard loves math.
I punish him with country music.
That makes us even.

I don't remember ever watching Square One TV, probably because I thought it was of the devil and that watching it would erase my name on the Heaven reservations list.  Watching it now makes me laugh out loud for various reasons.  a) The clothes and hair.  b) The excitement with which these people are singing about geometry.  c) The fact that on the day I met Richard (all the way back in 1994), he was wearing shorts like the guy on the left.  d) The memory of Richard's head bopping to the beat, his eyes alive with the wonder of the math lover. 

Don't cry for me, readers.  He's a really great guy in every other way.


taffi said...

that was painful. lol.

Jenn said...

At least he wasn't wearing the shorts of the guy on the right? LOL