Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Couch to 5K: Day 24

I had a great conversation with Michelle yesterday about the direction I'm taking in my running and in my life.  When your trainer is one of your best friends, these talks have a tendency to do that.

I went out for my "make up" run yesterday and immediately knew it was not a good idea.  My running schedule is set up so I can have at least a day of recovery between runs, and here I was planning to run three days in a row.  My legs spoke to me right off the bat and said, "Sarah, you're being stupid."  The difference between the me of a few weeks ago and the me now is that I listened.

It feels good to listen to my body.  I used to do that more...used to be great at it.  It's nice to get back to center in this way.

*INTENSE CHANGE ALERT* I'm starting to say things that make it seem like I like running.  Back in your box, running desire!  You're not welcome here until at least week 7!  I am not a runner. Do you hear me?

Whew!  That was a close one.  No, I still don't like running.  I do like the results.  It's like Nyquil in that way.  It takes me at least 10 minutes to work myself up to ingesting that stuff, but it's sure nice to sleep without coughing.  Running=Nyquil.  Let's keep that straight, okay?

My run this morning was pretty good.  I'm up to 90 seconds running and 90 seconds walking.  Still no ankle pain today.  I think they're fully on board with this whole 5K thing.

I did have some moments of whiny complaint during todays run.  Those happened at about the 70 second point of each run cycle.  I whined to myself that this is hard, not fun, annoying, etc.  I decided to think about chemotherapy, radiation, mastectomy, reconstructive surgery... The whining stops really quickly when I think about what breast cancer survivors do just to stay alive.

I look forward to getting out on the road again on Thursday, maybe with less belly-aching.