Monday, February 22, 2010

Couch to 5K: Day 29 and Week 4 Review

Before I start today's post, I want to let all my readers in on a promotion Phazes Fitness is working on for the rest of February.  They made a goal to get 15 new clients by the end of the month. At this writing, they still have 12 to go. Remote clients count too.  The best part? If you refer a friend, you get a month of free training!  I can't recommend Michelle and her crew highly enough.  At $20 a month for remote training, anyone can afford to meet their fitness goals, even a non-runner like me.  In addition to the remote training, Phazes also offers group personal training, dance and stretch classes, and intensive bootcamps for the locals.  Get on the phone and sign up this week.  Tell them The Mother Load sent you, and I'll throw in 10 entries in your name for my next giveaway.

Okay, on to the running.

I went out alone in the dark at nearly one in the morning to get my third run in for the week.  This run was hard won.  I'd spent the preceding few hours getting bad news from my health insurance company (Obama's plan is looking better and better), continuing my job search, and writing a pretty emotional Divorce and Metamorphosis post on Sarah...Phenomenally.  I was spent.

I ran anyway.

As someone who spends much of her time spent, either physically or emotionally, this was a pretty big deal.  I realized that trying to opt out of my run because it was late and I was tired was just one more excuse to hide behind.  Considering I'll be writing the Divorce and Metamorphosis posts regularly until the entire story is told, I might as well get used to running despite the emotion.  I also realized that after a night like tonight, there's no better way to renew and heal than getting outside and getting my heart pumping.

The run was uneventful.  No zombie attacks or sparkly vampires to contend with.  I had one moment of nervousness remembering the trailer for The Lovely Bones and wondering what the heck I was thinking.  I promise running late and alone is not something I'm going to make a habit.  However, I'm also glad I did it.

It's hard to believe I've been on this journey for a month now.  Hard and good.  I tried something new tonight with regards to the way I count my seconds.  The last time I ran, Richard was with me and he mentioned that my 90 second run/walk cycles seemed longer than 90 seconds to him.  I made a conscious effort to pace my counting by actual seconds and not by footfalls or breaths.  It turns out I was probably running nearly double what I needed to going by footfalls and at least a half more time by breaths.  It was AMAZING how easily I ran a real minute and a half.  I'm not nearly as nervous to bump up to the next level this week, knowing I've probably already been there.

Until then...


Jenn said...

Explain to me what your "banker" is... is this the teller at the bank? Or... something non-monetary? That kinda' scares me. ROFL!!!