Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Resurrecting an old blog

Raise of hands: How many of you know that The Mother Load isn't my first blog?  Wow, two of you.  Hi guys!

Before The Mother Load, there was Sarah...Phenomenally.  I started blogging there back in 2006, then set up a myspace account, started using their blog feature, and forgot about the original blog.  It's been months since I deleted my myspace account, and I think I'm ready to bring that blog back from the grave.

Before you start to shiver in your proverbial boots, worrying I'm giving up The Mother Load, take heart.  This blog is here to stay.  I just need a place to publish my non-humor stuff, and right now I'm feeling fairly stuffed with that stuff.  If you read my first blog post ever on Sarah...Phenomenally, you'll get a sense of what that blog is all about.

So, readers, I extend an invitation.  Keep enjoying the features on this blog, and if you're feeling a little more contemplative and quiet, check out what I write over there.  Love it, leave it, follow it, frown upon's all okay with me.  It's my place to step away from the clown persona and embrace the poet.