Thursday, February 4, 2010

Awesome Product: Toasty Bears

Ever have one of those days?  Sure you have.  It's not necessarily that everything goes wrong.  Everything just goes.  You get to the end of your day and think, "What was that?"  Those are the days when you need something soft, warm, and cuddly to soothe your blahs.

I have a few options at my disposal when I'm feeling this way.  I have several kids who would love to cuddle up with mom for the night.  They kick.

I have kitties who are warm, fluffy, and ubercuddly.  They lose interest quickly and start wrestling with each other on my legs.  Or they decide the only reasonable place to cuddle is whatever place will restrict my breathing the most.

I have my husband.  He's a cuddler.  He's also a tosser and a turner.  He has a limited amount of time available for sleep on each side of his body.  Often, this is related to his nose.  I frequently hear quiet murmurings of, "Sorry, love. I have to breathe out of my other nostril now," as he gently detaches himself to roll over.

Sigh.  What's a girl with a case of the blahs and a need for warmth and comfort to do?  I'll tell you what.  If she's smart, she'll get herself a Toasty Bear.

You know those heating pads made of dish towels and rice that everyone knows how to make?  Toasty Bears are like those...only awesome.  Filled with flax seed and fresh lavender, citrus, and peppermint, a Toasty Bear is a teddy bear that can be microwaved, retaining its heat for up to 2 hours.  I love this product.  I want this product.  I must have this product.  Is it my birthday yet?

A toasty bear will never kick you.  A toasty bear will not flop itself down on your face or wrestle on your knees.  A toasty bear has no nostril related cuddle deficiencies.

If I don't get one for Valentine's Day, I'm begging for one for Easter.  Or Mother's Day.  Or Flag Day.  Maybe trash day.

(Thanks to Carrie W. for the Awesome Product idea!)


Chocolate Starfish said...

I'm SO bringing my Toasty Bear to the office this week!!