Thursday, February 18, 2010

Awesome Product: Wish Pearls

This week's Awesome Product is so awesome I had to sit and stare at it in awe for a full 10 minutes before I gave it to the girl it actually belonged to.  The giving was painful.  I wanted it...right then...for my very own.  That girl is lucky I don't believe in stealing.  So, so lucky.

The girl in question is one of the teens I supervise at the residential treatment facility where I work. She received a care package from her grandmother for Valentine's Day, and it was in that package that I discovered The Wish Pearl necklace

I held the Wish Pearl, and I beheld that it was awesome.

A Wish Pearl is a jewelry gift set that includes a pendant, chain, and a pearl.  It's the presentation of the pearl that takes this gift set from ordinary to awesome.  Each Wish Pearl gift set includes the actual mollusk in which the pearl has been cultured.  As a part of the Wish Pearl experience, the recipient opens the mollusk, makes a wish, removes the pearl, and then places it safely in the pendant.

I watched the above process occur with the girl at work, and the wonder on her face was beautiful to watch.  There was no mistaking her excitement as she opened her mollusk and made her wish.  She showed off her gift, mollusk and all, to everyone who passed while I sat nearby and fought the urge to grab it and run. 

Really, she'll never know how lucky she is.


Jenn said...

Had you never seen these before? The Target near me used to sell them when I was a newlywed, and I always thought they were really fun. It sounds like you had a really neat experience with the young lady at work. I think it's fun that you're so enthusiastic about these now. But they are pretty stinkin' cool. :)