Monday, March 8, 2010 read that right.  A woman was shaving her nether regions WHILE DRIVING.  In her defense, she had her ex-husband take the wheel so that someone would be driving.  In her non-defense, I think he might have been a wee bit distracted by the show.  However, in her further defense, she had a really important reason for needing to shave right then.  She was on her way to her boyfriend's house and wanted to "get ready for the visit." 

Oh my...oh my...oh my.

I'm not going to really discuss the idiocy of shaving your bikini area while driving.  People do stupid things in cars every day.  I'm not going to harp on the fact that she'd just been convicted on a DUI charge the day before and wasn't even supposed to be driving at all.  I won't even point out the fact that she tried to cover things up (TOO LATE! HA!) by switching seats with her ex.

I just want to know what kind of ex-husband is happy to tag along while his ex-wife takes a drive to her boyfriend's house?  What kind of ex-wife has no problem dropping trou and "freshening up" for a date while her ex sits right next to her?  What was going through his mind, do you think?  I would like to put forth some possibilities.

- "My ex is so classy.  How did I ever let her get away?"

- "Ah, how well I remember our wedding day when she did this in front of the priest, her mom, and my entire side of the family."

- "Should I tell her about that truck or the razor burn?  Truck? Razor burn? Tough call!"


I'm hoping her ex-husband has learned a valuable lesson or two in all of this.  I focus on him because I don't think the woman in question is capable of learning anything.  Next time, buddy, you do the shaving and let her drive!


Sarah said...

Ha! Wow. That was... amazing.

Ambrosia said...

Sarah! Seriously, I must be healing really well because I can't believe I didn't bust my stitches because I seriously laughed my heart out. In fact, it struck me as so funny that I keep cracking up randomly. I just can't believe it. ROFLMBO.