Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stupid Product: The Hawaii Chair

Ever since I made the switch from working a regular job to working in a home office, I've been looking around for something to help me stay in shape while working long hours at my desk. I was considering one of those oversized exercise balls...until I saw THIS:

Where has the Hawaii chair been all my life?  Here I sit, completely stationary in my normal desk chair, my fingers typing on the keyboard without even the least bit of effort to stay in place.  There's a cat beneath my feet who isn't getting kicked by my flailing legs, and the contents of my stomach are not splattered across my computer screen!  WHAT was I thinking?

I've got to hand it to the makers of the Hawaii chair.  It really takes toned abs (and probably a good amount of double sided tape) for a person to manage doing anything in this chair without falling off.  How do I know?  Take a look.

After watching Ellen's experience with the chair, I've realized I don't need a Hawaii chair to stay in shape in my home office.  I just need to watch this video between every assignment.  My abs are screaming from all the laughter, and it's a heckovalot cheaper than $300.