Thursday, March 4, 2010

Awesome Product: AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden

We're having spaghetti sandwiches Saturday night (thus sayeth my son), and if there's one thing spaghetti sandwiches need, it's the right blend of herbs.  And if there's one thing I know about the grocery store, it's that good, fresh herbs are hard to find and even harder to afford.

For some, the answer to this problem is to plant an herb garden.  For me, the answer to that answer is that I don't have time for gardening.  Aha! Enter today's Awesome Product: the AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden.  It's a fully automatic, hydroponic, lazy gardener's dream!

Take a look.

I was introduced to this product by friends of my sister's who graciously allowed us to crash at their Las Vegas home the night before we flew out to North Carolina for our other sister's wedding back in 2008.  I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming that traditional gardening in Las Vegas is not really something people do because it would require being outside in 500 degree weather for longer than 10 seconds at a time.

For these folks, the AeroGarden was their answer to that little problem.  Really, when you refuse to leave Las Vegas (doesn't anyone listen to Sheryl Crow?), you have to do what you can.

The AeroGarden comes with everything you need to grow wonderfully tasty herbs without stepping foot outside.  A search of youtube tells me you can also grow marijuana in it, but I know none of MY readers would ever do that.  I'm sure a search of google would tell me this product could save a family from starvation in the event of a nuclear holocaust too.

Whatever way you want to use it is fine by me.  Just bring some herbs over to my house for the spaghetti sandwiches!

(Spaghetti sandwiches are a Liger family favorite and are made with meaty spaghetti sauce, two slices of toasted garlic bread with herbs, a bit of mozzarella cheese, and the sandwich grill I got for Richard for Christmas.  Mmmmmm-mmmm!)