Monday, December 28, 2009

Today's You've Gotta See This entry comes from my own, dear, marginally sane (I'm being generous here) sister, Carla.  What can I say about Carla?

-She's weird.
-She bumped me out of treasured youngest position a mere 15 months after I was born.
-She thinks I'm funny, so I forgive her.
-I think she's hilarious, so I really love spending time with her.
-Living five hours away from her is the worst.

This video should give you a general idea of what a night out on the town with my sister is like.  Add her former roommate, Kayleen, and the craziness doubles.  Add me, and it triples.  Add my husband and...well, you get the idea.  Carla and I were once kicked out of a hospital room because our antics were making my friend, Becca, laugh.  Becca had just had her gall bladder out, and one does not laugh after that surgery unless one wants to experience extreme amounts of pain.  I knew that, having had my own gall bladder out a year or so before, but when I'm with my crazy sister, all bets are off.  Sorry, Becca.  Really...

So, here you go.  A little bit of Carla and Kayleen to make you spit your drink across your computer screen.  Kayleen's on the left.  Carla's driving.  I'm not drinking anything until this video is over.

(Let it be known that Carla once made me laugh so hard, I spit my drink all over the plate of Chinese food I was eating.  However, I once made her laugh so hard she vomitted in her hand. I believe that makes me the winner.  Huzzah!)


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I am impressed that they knew ALL the words. wow.