Monday, December 14, 2009

For those of you with better things to do with your time than follow the Chris Brown/Rihanna story (in my defense, I keep up to date because I use it in the domestic violence group I teach at work), I will tell you that Chris Brown and Rihanna are singers and were in a relationship until he beat her to a bloody pulp back in February.  Both have continued on with their careers, though it seems that hers is continuing more successfully than his.  According to a news story here, Brown threw a tweety tantrum on Twitter after learning some stores are not stocking his new album, "I Ought To Be In Jail and Got Off Because I'm Famous."  Or maybe it's called, "Grafitti."  I forget.

Apparently, Brown was so outraged (OUTRAGED!) that some stores might refuse to sell an album produced by a "woman beater," that he ranted all over his Twitter page before finally deleting his account all together.  (I'm taking my fists and going home!) 

Chris Brown...dear, deluded, inexplicably not incarcerated Chris Brown... I don't sell albums, but you can add me to the blackball list.  I don't buy albums made by woman beaters.  I won't sell albums made by woman beaters.  I WILL make fun of albums sold by woman beaters.  Shall I continue?

It's interesting to note that Wal Mart, the store Brown singled out in his tirade, has actually not blackballed the album at all. (I'll talk to you later, Wal Mart.)  The store he entered had simply sold out of the initial order of the CD.  I guess Brown didn't wait long enough to find that out before crying, "BS!" what did that stand for again?  Beaten senseless?  Blood stains?  Brutal sadist? Bratty sniveling? 

Wait, wait...don't tell me...born stupid!  Right?  Amiright?


Sonja said...

This made me laugh today! And we share the same thoughts my friend.