Sunday, December 27, 2009

Various and sundry

Well, hello there!  Didja miss me?  You did?  Awww...that's nice.  It was wonderful to take a few days off from blogging (and most everything else) to enjoy the holidays.  And now?  Back to the grind!

Monday, you can expect the usual Outrageous News story.  Wednesday, I have a Stupid Product sent to me by my friend, Jennifer, that will make you question your place in the universe...or maybe just laugh a lot.  I'll also be posting a Stupid Awesome product review.  I can't decide which it is, so I'm left with no alternative but to put it in both categories.  I thought when I first saw it that it was straight stupid, but then I spent four and a half hours hiking the Zion Narrows and realized I could really use it!  What the hey, right?

Speaking of the Narrows, I'm settling in tonight to write a column about that experience.  Pictures will follow once we finish up the roll in the disposable camera we took along with us.  (I was too afraid I'd break anything more valuable.) 

Also coming this week...maybe tonight...a new You've Gotta See This video.  It will probably involve my sister, Carla.  You'll thank me after you've been resuscitated after dying from laughter.  Merry Christmas to you!