Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Mom, today I learned that the Tiger Woods backlash hasn't made it as far as Springdale, Utah yet.


I learned I should never, ever take the elevator because there might be an emergency.


I learned that when your B&B cancels on you because they didn't get enough reservations, your regular hotel room will be just fine if it has a view like this.


I learned that one of the symptoms of hypothermia is "poor decision making."  I learned this from the people who rented us our winter gear so we could hike up to our chests in 40 degree water.  I don't know why they didn't diagnose us when we walked in the door. 


I learned that even if my fire didn't keep me warm, they won't give me my money back if I bring in the ashes.

I learned that no matter what angle I shoot this picture, it will not do justice to the sheer size of this burger.


I learned that the scenic route home is best taken in the summer.


I learned that the people at this restaurant might not know what most people think the word "ho" means.


Or maybe they do...


Honor said...

ho-made pies? that's so interesting!!

Mary said...

LOL! I want a Ho made pie! :)

Jenn said...

ROFL about the pies. That IS a big burger, and YIKES about the roads! I hate driving in snow!! Glad you had a good trip and a nice view!

Oh, and I wonder if the capcha currently reading "burgoba" has anything to do with your post. That'd be a great new word for giant burgers...

Millionaira said...

are you NUTS you hiked chest deep in 40 degree water...crazy woman!!!

and yes, that view is indeed beautiful...glad you made it home safe too