Thursday, December 31, 2009

Girls' Night Out...Bowling Style

Mom, today I learned that my friends look terrific pregnant! Only one of them is actually pregnant, but they look terrific!

I learned that I don't care one bit about my double chin in this picture because the ball loves me!

You can't tell from my score, but loves me!  No, really!

I learned that no amount of Malisa's patient guidance will ever help my score if I don't take it seriously.

And finally, I learned that no one, but no one, has more fun than the MOFia. (Also, I learned that I was capable of one flattering picture. Go me!)

(Thanks to Lara B. for taking better pictures than I could have taken with my camera phone. Thanks to Lara, Malisa, Meagan, Tisha, and Taffi for reminding me that I should learn to bowl sometime. Thanks to my ball for loving me. Next time, love me by knocking down some pins, k?)


Malisa said...

I did not know you blogged about this. How fun!!