Monday, November 9, 2009

The Super Big Spectacular Vacation Edition!

So, we went on vacation, and I scheduled posts for Friday and Sunday thinking (erroneously) that I'd have some time to post something on Saturday. How erroneously erroneous of me. (Do you think I like that word?) So, today, you get the Super Big Spectacular Vacation Edition of What I Learned Today to make up for what you missed.


Mom, today I learned that when my son gets his hand stuck in his sister's new toy...

Photobucket first response will be, "Wait! I need to take a picture!"


I learned I can restrain myself, no matter how much I want to steal someone's bumper sticker.


And that I will never pass up an opportunity to say, "I've climbed that 4 times," even if everyone else in the car already knows that.


I learned that sleep makes friends out of sworn road trip enemies.


I learned that if you say, "I just want to shave my head," around my friend, Michelle, she will hold you to it.


My sister is going to be saving a lot of money on shampoo.


I learned that my husband can fall asleep in any position.

And finally...

I learned that no matter how excited I am to win the "worst bed head" competition, I will delete the picture before I have the chance to put it on the blog. That's my gift to you.

And you thought I didn't bring you anything from my trip...


Jenn said...

Oh, man! How is he sleeping like that??

Millionaira said...

LOL that's great and

how could Richard do that...i'd be in pain

and your sis seriously shaved her head...yes, she will indeed save on shampoo

and YAY for climbing it 4 times ;)

Melinda said...

What is his hand caught in?

Sarah Clark said...

It's one of those toys with "pins" that take the shape of whatever you press against them. He put his hand on the wrong side, so a few of the pins had it wedged in there. It was a pretty easy damage to him or the toy, lol.

Sarah Clark said...

I have no idea how Richard managed to fall asleep in that position, but asleep he was. He was even drooling! When I woke him, he just moved to the floor and went right back to sleep. I debated whether to leave him there and have the whole air mattress to myself, but I decided to be kind. :)