Monday, November 9, 2009

Did you hear Steven Tyler, the crazy frontman of the rock group, Aerosmith, quit the band? No? Neither did the rest of the band. According to a story on Digital Spy, guitarist Joe Perry learned Tyler had called it quits after reading about it online. If you don't want to miss a thing, you can read the full story, in all its sad detail, here.

Oh, Aerosmith...I knew you so well. You brought such sweet emotion into my life. You were my amazing angel. How can you leave me cryin' like this?

According to Perry, the last few months have been strained. Band members have been trying to figure out what it takes to keep Tyler happy, livin' on the edge as they've kept their feelings to themselves. No one was willing to draw the line over his lack on communication and his tendency to cancel shows. Apparently too jaded to care, Tyler decided he was bored with the same old song and dance and has gone to see what his career will be like on the other side.

When asked about the future of Aerosmith, Perry says the band will continue. I'm tickled pink. Whether or not the band will continue with Tyler back in the saddle is still in question. Perry says he's trying to figure out what direction the band will take.

I suggest they walk this way.


Millionaira said...

LOL ok, not that steven tyler has quit but i LOVE how you wrote this...seriously LOVE IT!!!