Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No fines for me!


Mom, today I learned that as a blogger, I "must disclose material connections" I share with any company I endorse or face justice from the FTC. If a company gives me something for free so I can try it out and review it on my blog, I must tell the world so my readers know my review may have been compromised by this exchange. Everyone, I am endorsing Macy's. I received excellent customer service from them today. That customer service was free, and I am keeping it. I'm here to tell the world that Sarah Clark CAN BE BOUGHT with a kind manner, respectful tone, thorough problem solving, and free shipping. Thank you, FTC, for protecting my readers. You all didn't even know the peril you were in, did you?


All it took for Ray to endorse them was a chance to be on the blog.


Millionaira said...

me too...i can be bought for that as well!!!

and they should give you a real "gift" for such a glowing promo...send them a link to your blog LOL