Friday, October 23, 2009

Finding the funny on a grumpy grouch day

I don't feel funny today. Stupid things happened yesterday to good people I know, and now I'm a grumpy grouch. I'm a cross between a dwarf and a muppet, and people, that's not pretty.

It's not easy being a humorist. We're funny most of the time, but no normal human being with a healthy respect for the current drug laws can be funny ALL the time. But deadlines are deadlines, and humorists have funny work to do. When life drags me down into a grumpy, grouchy mire, I have to woman up and find the funny somewhere. I usually succeed.

Indeed, in 9 years of columns with The St. George Spectrum & Daily News, I only missed two weeks. The first occurred in October 2002, when I suffered a life threatening miscarriage 13 weeks into a pregnancy. The second was in January 2006, the week I separated from my first husband. Other than that, I've gone in search of funny no matter what the life stress.

The good news for humorists is that life is funny. If you're looking for it, you can find humor all around you, even on your grumpy/grouchy days. The humor in life can save your day if you're willing to go out looking for it.

So, today I have my weekly Mother Load column to write, and I'm a great, big ball of unfunny. We're all out of funny over here. Grab your coat. We're going to the funny store.

My friend, Lis, says this is his "pihole."

I'm not Kenny. I just play him on my blog.

My husband "dancing." This is actually more terrifying than funny, but it's October, so it works.

We're just a couple of word nerds in search of bad grammar with which to fill our camera phones. Can you blame us? People are so accomodating!

You see? I don't. I burned my eyes with acid after taking this picture. I didn't even "recevie" my "limited offered pomontional card!"
And again. (My interested?)

Aunts are the best.

But sometimes they torture you for the sake of a picture. It's a trade-off.

Well, heck. Ice cream soup, anyone? You know you want some.

Why so serious?

"It's..." (If you don't get this, you need to come to my house and watch Monty Python RIGHT NOW...unless you're a crazy stalker serial killer. You're the best judge of that. Bring popcorn.)

Looks like a perfectly cute little girl with a trendy haircut, doesn't it? I see a little girl who hacked her hair to the scalp and had just enough to bunch around the headband to look like a cute little girl with a trendy haircut. It's been 5 years. I'm sorta kinda maybe thinking about laughing about it now.

Yes, little Mikey. That nose is truly a cave of wonders!

I am Charlie the Chipmunk. I will kill you now.

This picture isn't funny. It's awesome. I will milk it for all it's worth until the day that I die. My mother says the day I die will be the day I'm dumb enough to do something like this again.


Millionaira said...

pihole i LOVE it!!!

Jenn said...

Hee hee! That's my ice cream, isn't it? :P Stupid Eatza Pizza!

Sarah Clark said...

Jenn, it is the very same. I love that picture, lol. That was a great day. :)