Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If you hadn't already heard, "The Social Network," aka, "the Facebook movie," is hitting theaters in October of this year.  I can't help but admit that the trailer for the movie has me looking forward to the moment it hits our local dollar theater, so Richard and I can go check it out.  If it weren't for Facebook, many Mother Load readers would still be in the dark about the very existence of this blog, so I kind of want to give back...to the people who made the movie...wait...

Yesterday, I learned that the moment the trailer for "The Social Network" hit YouTube, clever filmmakers started shooting parodies of it.  My favorite is about YouTube itself.  Here are the trailers for "The Social Network," and "The Video Website" so you can compare.  I think the parody is spot on, and it leaves me laughing every time I watch it.  What did we do before YouTube, people?  WHAT DID WE DO?!