Thursday, August 12, 2010

Awesome Product: The "BOW" K

Today's Awesome Product comes from The Mother Load's newest sponsor, "BOW"dacious Boutique. Federal rules require me to tell you that I've received bows for all three of my daughters as a part of this sponsorship, so here you go: Everyone, I've received three absolutely fabulous bows from Ms. Kellie Burch of "BOW"dacious Boutique, and I couldn't be happier about it!  Aren't you glad the government is protecting you from me? I know I am!

Kellie makes all sorts of cute and "divariffic" bows and hair accessories, but the product I'm most excited about from her line is also the most creative thing I've seen in a long time.  Readers, I give you the "BOW" K.

The "BOW" K is a charming little arrangement of bows and gifts that's perfect for baby showers, new moms of baby girls, or birthday parties for your little princess.  Similar to the ever popular "diaper cake," the "BOW" K makes gift giving practical while still being fun and creative.

The "BOW" K features one 6" flower bow, one 4" flower bow, and four other bows of your choice, along with other goodies.  This gift is completely customizable, and Kellie can personalize it with the name and age of your child.  If you're in the St. George, UT, area, delivery is available free of charge.

Check out the "BOW" K on the "BOW"dacious Boutique Etsy page and become a fan on the "BOW"dacious Facebook Fan page.


Debbh1 said...

Love these, they are so creative and who wouldn't love to get one of these as a gift? I think they would be awesome to deliver to a little someone on their birthday! She makes ones for Boys with incredible items on it and a flower for MOM!