Thursday, July 22, 2010

Awesome Product: The Inspiration Bean

As I mentioned to my friends and fans (and friendfans) on Facebook, this week's Awesome Product is something I want to give as a gift to everyone in my life (including you!), because this week's product, the Inspiration Bean, is more than just a great idea, a great potted plant, or a great product.  The Inspiration Bean is truly the gift of inspiration.

I met Jonathan Hall, the founder of iBeanInspired, the company that makes the Inspiration Bean, at a fair here in Salt Lake City during the 4th of July festivities earlier this month. By the time I got to the booth where the iBean was on display, I'd seen quite a bit of the same old fair fare.  My children had spent their allowances on trinkets, and I'd seen a thing or two I might want to consider for another time, but nothing had really caught my eye or engaged my mind.  My introduction to the iBean was, therefore, unexpected and wholly delightful.  This was different.  This was more.  This.was.Awesome.

Each Inspiration Bean contains a word which represents the dream or the wish of the one who will plant the bean and watch it grow.  As it grows, the word remains on the plant, and you, as the grower, can watch your desire become more than just a desire, but something real, tangible, and ultimately, inspiring.

Here's a little more information about the iBean and the company.

Whether or not you're a devotee of the Law of Attraction, one thing in life is probably as certain to you as it is to me: we reap what we sow.  In the case of the iBean, when you sow peace, inspiration, love, courage, or health, you quite literally reap the same.  What's amazing is what I know unequivocally to be true: surrounding yourself in your positive intentions WILL make good things happen in your life, whether it's because you have attracted those things to you through your energy or because your shift in energy from negative to positive and hopeful has caused you to take action and make those things come to pass.

However this happens, I believe the iBean is an excellent way to remind ourselves of the power of our hope and belief.  If you take a moment to think, I'm sure you know someone who could use some inspiration today. Maybe it's your cousin or your sister or your best friend.  Maybe, it's you.  The gift of inspiration is available through iBeanInspired.

And I must share that while this is an Awesome Product post, I can't help but think of it as an Awesome Company post.  The people at iBeanInspired aren't in the bean business.  They're in the business of lifting spirits and of reminding people of their long dormant hopes and dreams.  You remember dreams, don't you? Wouldn't you like to have them back?  Wouldn't you like to make them come true?  iBeanInspired wants to help you do that, and, to me, that's the most Awesome part of the Inspiration Bean.

If you're not sold already, I'll tell you that everything they sell is eco-friendly, and 5% of their profits go to helping "keep forests green and water clean."  That's something we can all get behind.

Check out the iBeanInspired website and send the gift of inspiration to someone you love and pray for.  Then buy one for yourself and watch your dream grow.