Thursday, May 13, 2010


Mom, today I learned that sensitive gynecologists fill their waiting rooms with pictures of Zion National Park to make you feel more calm.  Also, I learned that I've never wanted to climb inside a picture as much as I did today.  (I also learned that when you update your facebook status about this fact, six out of six people will think of other types of pictures a gynecologist's office might have on the wall and get all weirded out before they read the rest of your update.)


I learned that fuzzy stirrup covers are the second nicest thing a gynecologist can do for a patient.


Giving me a DOOR I CAN ACTUALLY LOCK while I'm changing is the nicest.  Hallelujah, and where have you been all my childbearing years?!


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Cathy Smith said...

Thanks for the information. I've been needing to visit my gynecologist, so I love hearing about stories like these. I think it's adorable that your gynecologist had fuzzy stirrup covers! That must've made the visit a lot more comfortable. I'm also glad to hear that the door had a lock on it; I hope that my gynecologist's office has a lock as well!