Thursday, May 13, 2010

This product was brought to my attention by two Mother Load readers on two separate occasions, and I've been trying to decide whether it's Stupid or Awesome ever since.  Today, I'm ready to leave the debate behind and go the way of the P-Mate Female Urinal  and  Booty Pop Panties.  Yes, folks, we have another Stupid Awesome Product!

Take a look.

Having been married twice, I know a thing or two about the silent and the deadly.  I have to say, though, that I think husbands are getting a bad rap in this commercial.  You all learned from my post about my visit from a census worker that my dear husband is not the only person who passes gas in bed from time to time.  Women are just as likely as men to disrupt the serenity of the marriage bed with their gas.  Ladies, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.  Everyone farts.  Everyone.  Pretending like women are the only victims in this situation makes this a Stupid Product.

But wait!  What if it works?  I don't know much about the science behind this blanket, but if it's real, then I have no choice but to rate it Awesome.  I mean, we've all been there, right?  A bad case of the stomach flu, and your spouse is ready to sleep outside until you're over it.  If this "military grade technology" is all it's cracked (snicker) up to be, then this product is, indeed, Awesome.

But what about covered wagons?  If your husband lets one rip and then traps you under the blanket with it, no amount of technology or chemical weapons research is going to save your nostrils from the onslaught.  Stupid.  (Let it be known that only one of my two husbands has ever done this.  I'm not married to him anymore.  Go figure.)

One more vote for Stupid goes to the commercial's suggestion that this blanket be given as a wedding or anniversary gift.  I'm sorry...but do you remember your bridal shower?  Would you have wanted to open one of these in front of all of your friends and family?  I don't think so.  Giving this product as a gift is a great way of saying, "Your fiance/spouse has been talking, and we know about your little problem."  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So, it seems the Better Marriage Blanket is leaning heavily on the Stupid side, with a dash of Awesome for possibly providing a service most marriages could benefit from.  I'll leave it to my readers to decide what they think.  If you have real life experience with it, and you're not too embarrassed to share, let me know how it worked.  Maybe I'll buy one for my census worker. 

(Thanks to Lisa R. of Eagle Mountain, UT, and Corey O. of Orem, UT, for the heads up on this product!  No word yet on whether or not either of them uses the Better Marriage Blanket.  I do know they're both happily married.  Take from that what you will...)


valia said...

I have two nephews who would think this was a perfect wedding or shower gift for their sisters, especially if they were expected to open them in public.