Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mom, today I learned that if you hear a knock on your door 2 seconds after your daughter walks through it to leave for school, you should NOT assume it's her and open it without your shirt on.


Because it's probably a census worker.


I also learned that if your basement used to be a separate apartment, the US Government will make you complete two census forms so they can delete one.  Efficient, no?


I learned that when someone asks my husband's race, I can't resist:  "White...and nerdy."


I learned that the government is still telling this lie.


And finally, I learned that if the census worker visits while your five year old is at home, you will hear conversations like the following:

Michael: "Hey! I gotta tell you something!"
Census worker: "Yeah?"
Michael (pointing at me): "She farts in her bed."
Census worker (laughing): "Oh, I think everyone does.  I'll bet you do it, too."
Michael: "No, I PEE in my bed!"
Me: "Thanks, Michael."


Lisa said...

ROFL!! Looks like you got the only census worker with a sense of humor. :)

~V~ said...

Absolutely hilarious!

Sonja said...

Okay, I got my laugh for the morning!

Phogles said...

are we the only ones this sort of thing happens too? or are other people just not talking about it?

Julia (Waugh) Nielson said...

Knowing Richard, I probably would have wanted to answer "white and nerdy" too *grin*. (Heck it would'a been great to answer that for ME, but I didn't think of it)