Monday, May 24, 2010

Sometimes, I come across an Outrageous News story just a day or so after I've posted my story for the week and think, I don't care if it's not Monday. I have to post this!   So far, I've managed to rein in my excitement, and I've either waited until Monday to post the news piece, or I've found something equal to it or better that is more recent.

Today, I don't care that this story is from May 19th.  I must post it. If you've never heard of these French celebrities, you're in good company. I'm certainly not up on my French TV of the 80s trivia, but I guess twin brothers, Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, were quite popular in their time. Today? Well, they're still making headlines. However, the news surrounding them is that Igor and Grichka, once handsome and human in appearance have been rendered unrecognizeable by too much plastic surgery.  (Sit down before you click that, okay? Maybe say a prayer for strength, too.)

Holy...oh, there are so many ways to end that phrase.  Holy Cat Eyes, Batman!  Holy Skin Stretch!  Holy Protuberant Lips of Doom! 

I look at that picture, and I want to cry.  I understand that not everyone wants to grow old gracefully, but when did our search for eternal youth get this out of hand?  These guys look like they missed a turn on the way to the fountain of youth and dived into the swimming hole of scary.  Did they want to look this way?  Are they happy with the results?  Or are they trying to rise above and do the best they can with an awful situation?  Who knows?

Here's a video of the twins (can we really call them that anymore?). It's over four minutes long, and it's in French, so there's no need to watch it all.  I just wanted to give you a better idea of the way in which their faces behave while they speak (read: their skin never moves).  I wonder if that hurts.

Of course, there's only one thing I see when I look at these men.

When Jim Carrey as The Mask is easier to look at, you know things have gone too far. Readers, let's form a pact.  Let's all agree to never do that to our faces. I promise to accept wrinkles and sagging skin in the service of not scaring the snot out of my future grandchildren. 

I'll keep a copy of this picture around until then, so my grandkids can thank me for this later.