Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You've Gotta See This: Kid History

Today's You've Gotta See This video came to me via the Twitter feed of one of my favorite humor writers and movie reviewers, Eric D. Snider. If you're not reading his stuff, you need to be. Right now. Because he's awesome.

While I doubt Mr. Snider has ever been a Mother Load reader (but a girl can hope, right?), he is definitely a Mother Load inspiration. Snider was a newspaper writer who took his work online, so I can relate to what he does, and when it was time for me to move the Mother Load to a blog format, it was his site that helped me find ideas on how it could best be done.

I was able to share all of this with the man himself earlier this year and thank him for many hours of laughter and the chance to learn a little bit about how to build a great site. Pics or it didn't happen? Well, then, here you go! (You may want to shield your eyes from the combined glory of Richard, Sarah, and Eric. Fair warning.)


But wait! This is a You've Gotta See This post.  I should show you the video Eric linked to in his tweet, shouldn't I?  It's an adorable little film that dramatizes a well known event in a family's history...as told by the children who have heard the story many times.  This is cute and funny and well worth a few minutes.  After you've watched it, feel free to gaze lovingly again at the picture above.  I will be.


Willie Braudaway said...

That was just too cute! Loved the lip-synching, too.