Friday, October 22, 2010

Mahalo Moment: Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Mahalo is in crazy Halloween mode this month, and we writers have been tasked with updating and improving most of the existing Halloween pages.  One look at Mahalo's main page is a good indication of why. It's Halloween central over there!  (Psssst...the page on pumpkin seeds was my update.  You're welcome.)

I know Halloween's a trending topic right now, so Mahalo is featuring the pages they know people are looking for, but secretly, I think the VIPs over at headquarters are just super stoked for the big day.  There's nothing like costumes and the promise of candy to bring out the kid in even the most mature of web developers.  "And we'll have candy corns and cupcakes and spooky music, and I'm going to be a pretty, pretty princess!"

I think I've learned this week that I'm influenced quite a bit by the pages I write and edit.  I had decided not to roast pumpkin seeds this year, citing a lack of time, but writing a page on all the easy and delicious ways I could do it has changed my mind.  There are three carved pumpkins at my house already, but I'm going to be buying two more just so I can try some of the recipes on the how to page.  (Seriously, did anyone else know you could season pumpkin seeds with curry?  If yes, will you kindly explain why you kept this information from me? Hmmmmmmm?)

The same thing happened when I wrote a page on how to make perfect sushi rice.  There was a sushi run shortly thereafter.  Ditto for a page on grilled salmon.  Of course, I wrote three pages on "Glee" actors this week and still have no desire to watch the show, so maybe it only works for food.

If the Glee actors ever appear on a cooking show, I'm in big trouble.