Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mahalo Moment: Oh, the flexibility of me

I've almost made it through my first week in my new role as a QC team member.  Almost.  I've been working on these page reviews off and on for just over 7 hours now.  Other off and on work includes a paper due in the morning for my Psychology of Love class (Just try to say that without Barry White's voice in your head.) and some coding for my other job. I'll likely get about 2 hours of sleep tonight, if I sleep at all, what with the deadlines looming in the morning.

My head is wobbly, my fingers are SCREAMING, and I've had more caffeine than any human should ever be allowed to have, but there's a big smile on my face (not a caffeine related smile. No, really!).  While I hope to avoid spending next weekend this way, I'm pretty okay with how this week went.  Lost sleep tonight equals time with my family over the last few days, time I wouldn't have had at my previous job.
Life happened this week in the form of a funeral, a play, a couple of parties, and Halloween (with its requisite anti Trunk or Treat rant).  A flexible schedule may mean that I'm zombiefied every Monday morning, but if it means I get to take part in life as it happens, that is okay by me.

The zombie look is in now, anyway.