Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You've Gotta See This: Dancing Sami

Today's You've Gotta See This video comes straight from the home of my older sister, Gina, who was the number one spoiler of my children until she went and had a child of her own.  My niece, Samantha, was 16 years in the making...a miracle none of us, least of all Gina, thought would ever arrive after more than a decade and a half of fertility trouble.

But here she is, the miracliest miracle that ever did miraculously appear in a mother's womb.  (Okay, the conception of Jesus may have been more miraculous, but don't tell Gina that.)  I love my niece for making our "favorite aunt" a mother at last, and I love the way she boogies down with her redneck self.  You won't enjoy this video as much as I do (it's not possible, but feel free to try), but I guarantee you will enjoy it.