Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For today's YouTube treat, I bring you two videos from the Gregory Brothers, the insanely creative people behind "Autotune the News." This group takes news stories and autotunes them into music, the act of which has led me to two conclusions: a) anyone can autotune anything; and b) the popular "singers" on certain radio stations need absolutely no talent whatsoever to create their "songs." (T-Pain, I'm looking at you.)

These two videos went viral within the last few months, and the Gregory Brothers autotuned them into songs, and I think it's safe to say the songs are even more popular than the original videos. Chords and lyrics were included with each so people with YouTube accounts could post their own versions of the songs. I find myself singing them all.day.long, and that's not a bad thing.

A little back story for anyone in my readership who hasn't seen the original videos: The Bed Intruder Song is based on a news story about a woman who was attacked in her bedroom by a man who climbed in through her window. Her brother heard her cry for help and fought the man off, and his loud, angry, and flamboyant comments on his local news garnered him the attention of the world. The Double Rainbow song comes from the video of a California man who was literally brought to tears over the sight of a double rainbow outside his home.

What I like most about these videos is that in this age when a small town idiot can become a celebrity for getting Sarah Palin's daughter pregnant, these are people who deserve their fame. One is a hero for saving his sister. The other is my personal hero for taking a moment to marvel at something we all take for granted. (Did he have a little herbal help with that? He says no.) Both songs are now available on iTunes, and the Gregory Brothers are splitting proceeds with the men. I hear Antoine Dodson now has enough money to move his family out of the projects and into a nicer home.

Bravo, Gregory Brothers. I salute you. :)