Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If you live in southern California, maybe you've already heard about the Los Angeles superhero ban. Not being from California, myself, and having spent almost the entirety of my one trip to Los Angeles on the freeway, I wasn't aware that there are people dressing up like Superman and Power Rangers and walking up and down the Walk of Fame, trying to make a living by leaping tall buildings, dodging bullet, using bad puns, and asking for tips.

Well, there were.  I guess the powers that be didn't take to that kind of vigilante justice, and the cops have been rounding these characters up and hauling them off to jail.  How they manage to keep them there, what with the super strength and the ability to melt bars, is anyone's guess.

Some of these heroes (and one very recognizable villain) decided to stage a protest.  Like mutants in an X Men movie, they decided to fight for their rights and for equality under the law.  Donning their crime fighting (and rebel alliance crushing) duds, they marched on city hall...all 4 of them.

Aw. Poor superheroes couldn't get Charlie Chaplin to come to their rally.  I must say that Elmo's decision to stay home probably helped their cause.  I know if I'd seen Elmo there, I would have arrested him myself, and by arrested, I mean assaulted...with deadly force.