Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For your viewing pleasure today, I have found you two videos containing two very different interpretations of the "Diva Dance," a song from the movie, The Fifth Element (a personal favorite). In the movie, a very tall, very blue alien diva stands before an audience on a luxury space liner and sings an aria in a beautiful, operatic voice. The song then morphs into something of a techno opera piece, and from this, we have the Diva Dance.

In the first video below, a woman recreates the notes of the Diva Dance with her own beautiful voice. What's amazing about this is the fact that the movie version of the Diva Dance at times features an electronically manipulated human voice because most human beings couldn't possibly sing this, yet here is Laura singing along with her non blue, non alien, non electronic voice and hitting every note. (You'll be able to hear the movie version's synthesized sound in the second video.)

Speaking of the second video, I added it because it cracks me up every time I watch it. YouTube truly is a magical place full of people doing really silly things in front of cameras. Never leave us, YouTube, okay?


Anna said...

I'm 99.99% sure that I went to high school with Laura. Did you know she's a native St. Georgian? Well you do now. Mr. Lister really knows how to train those pretty voices, he taught several now-famous singers at PVHS

MuffinBugs of St. George said...

I love singing this song. When I first saw the movie I fell in love with it and searched high and low for it on the web - also to find the lyrics for the aria!!! At one point I was told it was Sarah Brightman who sang it in the movie but now I'm not so sure (knowing her voice pretty good!)Anyways, nicely done, but I wish she'd taken the time to sing the whole thing (It's not that much longer!)