Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today's video treat comes to us from the How it Should Have Ended folks, uber creative and snarky geniuses who create silly alternate endings for popular movies. I've watched almost all of their videos (well, the ones related to movies I've already seen) and look forward to each new installment.

The ending to this one actually had me shouting and hissing at my computer screen for a moment. All that I hold sacred was destroyed by all that I hold ridiculous and nerdy beyond belief.  I wondered if I could ever let my nerdy beyond belief husband know of this work of blasphemy. Surely, if he were to ever learn of the existence of this video, the Trekker in me would never know another moment's peace. My dismay changed to delight when the REAL ending occurred, and all was right with the universe again.

Intrigued? Good!  Watch it, note the victor, and know that Star Trek is KING!