Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've always been a sucker for prankster shows like Candid Camera, so when I discovered the wealth of such clips on You Tube, I decided I had found Heaven and promptly stopped trying to get in. Now, I spend my days living a life of lascivious license.

Okay, so maybe that last part's there purely for its alliterative value...

Just for Laughs is a show I don't know much about other than the fact that it's extremely funny. I watched quite a few of their pranks today in search of the most blogworthy one. After the 58th prank and a near stroke's worth of laughter, I realized my task was impossible. Preferring not to burst any blood vessels in my brain, I stopped with this one, so it's the one you'll see today. I encourage all my readers to check out the related videos. Just take deep breaths before each prank and stop to rest whenever you can.