Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outrageous News: Nasa wants your face in space

Today's Outrageous News story is a day late because there was absolutely nothing blogworthy on any of the news sites yesterday! Seriously...it was down to a choice between a family suing a college for not admitting their 13 year old daughter and the city of Boston trying to decide whether or not to turn public restrooms into restaurants. Meh and blech.

Today, however, I learned that NASA has unveiled plans for its Face in Space program.  NASA wants YOU (yes, you) to upload a picture to its Face in Space website.  The photos people upload will then fly to space on board a shuttle and, uh, drink Tang or something.  Aha! The news is alive again!

I actually think this news is more cool than outrageous, and I'm putting it on the blog to give all of my readers the heads up.  Most of us will never be rich enough to afford a private space flight, at least not until they saturate the market with them and the price comes down.  This is probably my only chance to fly in space, so I'm definitely uploading a photo.  I just have to find the right one...

The finalists:


So space will think I'm mostly harmless (and that I have my own towel).


So space will know I don't take any guff.


To introduce space to my wilder side (and my friend, Becca).


To let space know this is one way aliens WON'T be entering my brain.

Which pic should take a ride on a space shuttle?  You decide!