Monday, April 12, 2010

Does anyone remember that episode of Friends in which the characters imagined what life would have been like had Monica married Joey instead of Chandler?  It's a favorite of mine.  Joey has ballooned up to what must be 300+ pounds, and Monica presents him with a table full of multiple plates of food.

"I made your favorite!" she declares with a smile.

"Mmmm...fried stuff with cheese!" he responds before looking lovingly at one such entree and giving it his trademark, "How YOU doin?"

Readers, somehow, KFC got ahold of this episode and decided to build a meal out of it.  The new Double Down sandwich is KFC's first bunless sandwich, but instead of doing what other restaurants have done, replacing bread with lettuce or a low carb wrap, KFC decided fried chicken would work just as well.  And why not?  Just the other day, I was slathering butter on the chicken breasts I'd thrown in the toaster for breakfast... 

The "sandwich" is basically chicken, bacon, cheese, and mayonaise.  At a purported 540 calories (the news story estimates it's actually over 1200, the same as six donuts), I fail to see the benefit of leaving off the bread.  My brain can say, "It's low carb! That means it's good for me," but my heart is going to disagree...if it has enough life left in it after eating this. 

But wait!  You can add fried potatoes and soda and make it a "meal!"  Whew! That's much better.

I love KFC.  I love chicken.  I'd even say I have an unhealthy love for chicken. Think of Brittany Murphy in "Girl, Interrupted," only not quite as crazy.  (Almost...but not quite.)  This sandwich gets no love from me.

Next on the KFC menu: a bunless prime rib sandwich filled with pork rinds, nacho cheese, and lard.

Just like Grandma used to make!