Friday, April 30, 2010

Jamie Oliver is going to hear about this.

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Mom, today I learned that Granite School District is requiring school vending machines to be stocked with healthier choices.

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Jenn said...

Healthier than.... what... exactly? Cyanide?

Lisa said...

Lol! that's too funny. But true. It's sad that they care more about the money the kids will fork out because they offer teeth-rottening crap, instead of offering true healthy snacks, because they make more $ that way. :p

cathie r. said... didn't say the entire machine was stocked with "healthy" choices! I work at an elementary school as a lunch lady and our students aren't allowed any access to vending machines-our 6th grade classes were required to give up their fund raising student store because they were selling candy, etc. during lunch.

Anonymous said...

Our entire school food system needs revamped!! I've been fighting it for years, to no avail. My kids are in High School and pack their lunches. They are not ashamed to pack after what they've been served. It is disgusting what they feed our kids!! If you get some time, watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on how chicken nuggets are made. No more of those coming into my house. It is NASTY. Love your blogs. Keep em' coming!