Monday, May 9, 2011

How well I remember the day my husband proposed to me. It didn't involve a lot of planning, a fancy dinner, or a ring.  He didn't get down on one knee. It was just a nervous question asked in the middle of an embrace. And it was perfect.

The fact that he didn't deface someone's property to do it?  Well, that's just a bonus.

Unfortunately for brides-to-be everywhere, a felony free proposal of marriage is not always an option. Such was the case last week, when a New York couple learned someone had spray painted the garage door of their vacation home to propose to his girlfriend, "Allison."

Ah, love. It knows no bounds. Who needs chivalry when you have spray paint?

Apparently, this was all done in the presence of Allison, as her answer was painted on the door next to the proposal.  The good news for the hooligan is that, rather than be horrified at the thought of marrying a thug with no respect for property and not an ounce of responsibility, let alone romance, Allison painted a "Yes" next to his proposal.  The bad news for both of them is that they have each other.

The two sealed the engagement in the customary way: by running into the defaced garage door with their car.  The owners had to pay $1100 to get it replaced.  Police say they're trying to locate suspects in the crime.  Perhaps they'll keep an eye on the marriage licenses issued in the coming months.  I don't know how effective that will be, though.

He'll probably break off the engagement on the side of dumpster in a few weeks anyway.


leschornmom said...

I'll take stupid human tricks for 300, Alex.