Monday, May 23, 2011

New Feature: Look at My Dinner!

If you've been missing Mother Unload posts, rest assured that it's not because I've given up the fight.  I'm just busy!  And I've discovered Hulu!  This is very bad. The good news is that Celebrity Apprentice ended last night.  (Shhhhh...don't tell. I'm watching the episode as I write this!)

I'm up to 24 pounds in my total weight loss efforts, and I think I'm finally willing to say how much I actually weighed when all of this began.  I threw around the 230 number because that's the weight I've generally settled at for the last 7 or 8 years, but the truth is that when I began working on my weight, I was actually 245.  That is, of course, and all time high for me.  Today, I'm at 221.  My goal is 140, so I'm still 81 pounds away from that, but I'm feeling really good with my progress.

Wanna see what 24 pounds of weight loss looks like?  Check out these pictures taken December 2010.



And now look at this picture from earlier this month:


So, the feature...

"Look at My Dinner" refers to my efforts to drive my online friends crazy with obnoxious pictures of my healthy dinners.  In order to keep them as friends, I've decided YOU GUYS get to partake of my obnoxiousness!  Aren't you happy?  (Don't answer that.)

I love cooking. I love sharing my cooking.  I love that that cooking is now leading to a smaller, thinner, healthier me.  Some of you are also trying to lose some weight, and I realize you might be on the lookout for tasty and healthy dishes you can make for your families.

The "Look at My Dinner!" posts will feature a picture of my dinner (the better for you to look at it) along with information on how to make it yourself.  Sometimes, that will be a link to the page where I found the recipe.  Sometimes, that will be a "recipe" of my own design.  I put that word in quotes because I like to improvise in the kitchen and rarely measure spices and other ingredients.  I'll be giving you the foundation, but it's up to you to make it yours.

Ready to be driven crazy? Let's do this!


Julia said...

Wow, Congrats! You're looking good!

Are you using any sort of program or plan? My family discovered a few weeks ago and I love the online support as well as easy calorie-counter.